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Carpgraphic offer a fine-tuned creative aspect to the designs while adhering to your branding guidelines. My job doesn’t end at simply creating clean, simple, and unique designs, but we go one step beyond by providing assistance and post-production support.

Carp Graphic create for clients worldwide Each of our esteemed clients is important for us. Our aim is to deliver something innovative. Client needs are at times complex . We understand this fact and try to imbibe this in our work and final output.Our aim is to always deliver the best to you.


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LOGO design

Logos are an essential part of creating a visual representation of the company that people can recognize. Logos create a brand identity for a company, and branding helps a company be easily recognized.


Label and Packaging serves as one of the most influential forms of communication with consumers since it provides a first hand experience for individuals. A different products require unique and individual packaging to set themselves apart from the competition.

PRODUCT photography

Product photography is important. In fact, it's so important it can be the difference between making a sale and losing a lot of customers. Your visitors will always be drawn to an image before they read the text on the page, so you need to make sure that your products images look awesome.


Clothing design is a very detailed process beginning from choosing a design and ending with the development of a perfect end product. A design process comprises of selection of the graphic elements from your brand identity.

WEB design

Web design is the creation of websites and pages to reflect a company’s brand and information and ensure a user-friendly experience. Today, designing a website goes beyond aesthetics to include the website’s overall functionality. Web design also includes web apps, mobile apps, and user interface design.

SOCIAL MEDIA marketing

Social media marketing is a marketing field which primarily deals with creating online strategies for the purposes of branding and increasing visibility of a company’s digital image on the Internet. Facebook banner design, Instagram banner design

PRINTING services

We offer customers the posibiliy to buy custom printed labels in large or small quantities. We can produce any size or shape without expensive set up costs. If you need a small fish labels, here we are. If you’re new to producing labels or don’t know exactly what you want need then don’t worry. Just get in touch and our experienced team will help guide you through the process to ensure you get the look and finish you want.